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sony_srw5800_frontBSC Limited, are recognised throughout the industry as a leading provider for the maintenance, repair and service of professional broadcast and video production equipment and are widely acknowledged for our engineering excellence.

Our professional regular door to door collection and delivery service to and from London ensures your equipment is handled correctly at all times.

From fault diagnosis to component level through to equipment servicing including board repairs BSC offer an unrivalled level of expertise.







Our courier is in  London regularly to collect and deliver equipment. To discuss your transportation arrangements please call our admin team.



Critical grey scale or white balance on a colour television in a front room isn't of paramount importance but there is nothing worse than seeing a sea of multi-coloured monitors in a newsroom, control room or video wall etc.

One person's perception of perfect white isn't the same as another, which is why we don't rely on laser-eyeball adjustment.

All our monitor repairs are finalized by checking and adjusting purity, geometry and white balance to Sony's specification.

However, even if there are no faults but you feel that your monitors are 40 shades of green you can send them in for service alone. Also we can advise on any future maintenance required in the long run.

Board Repairs

We have the facility to replace large surface mount IC's using directed infra red heating which reduces the stress on adjacent components.

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Health Checks

Our engineers can also provide on-site technical evaluations of your VTR's

While on-site they perform

  •     Minor adjustments.
  •     Replace cleaning rollers etc.
  •     Clean machine internally.
  •     Report condition and record hours.
  •     Recommend next service interval.

P.A.T Testing

PAT testing is also available


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BSC is an Authorised Service Centre for Broadcast and Professional Equipment

For enquiries regarding smartphones, televisions, laptops and other Sony Consumer electronic devices please contact the Sony Consumer Helpline on - 0844 846 6555

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