Lynx Technik

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Lynx Technik CWDM Fiber

Lynx Technik CWDM Fiber A range of modular CWDM products which have 18 wavelength selections to facilitate use in a multiplexed CWDM system. Includes a range of SDI to fiber transmitters, receivers, transceivers an Ethernet fiber extender plus CWDM optical multiplexers. Use standalone or rack mount for system use with our innovative 19” frame with central and redundant power for up to 14 yellobriks.

Lynx Technik WDM Bidirectional Fiber

Lynx Technik WDM Bidirectional Fiber A range of modular bidirectional fiber products which use WDM to send and receive data over a single strand of fiber. These kits are a closed loop fiber system and are sold are matched pairs.

Yellobrik Basic Fibre

Yellobrik Basic Fibre Simple, low cost point to point Fiber solutions for SDI, serial data and Ethernet

Yellobrik Utility

Yellobrik Utility Inexpensive problem solvers... Yellobrik, a new range of standalone modular "brick" style interface products for broadcast and professional use. Compact, simple to understand, and even easier to use. All information needed is printed right on the module and all controls and settings are always easily accessible (no manuals needed). Each yellobrik includes the power supply, mounting brackets and comes in a custom plastic case for transport and storage.


Testor Testor is a compact hand held broadcast quality digital test signal generator designed for today’s demanding multi-format digital infrastructures.