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Ever wondered where to find the software version of your SRW 5800 in the menu? or how about changing the Record Inhibit status on your DVW-2000?
Here at BSC we've put together some short form quick info guides to answer some of your more common questions.
We hope you find them useful.

We have also added a pdf showing the current Studio VTR software versions click here to download

SRW-5800 Quick Info DVW-500 Quick Info

SRW-5000 & 5500 Quick Info

HDW-F500 Quick Info

HDW-2000 Quick Info DNW-75 Quick Info
MSW-2000 Quick Info

Sony J1/2/3 Quick Info

DVW-2000 Quick Info

Sony J10/J30 Quick Info

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Broadcast Service Centre Engineer Dave Llewellyn was recently asked by TV-Bay to submit an article discussing routine service and maintenance of broadcast equipment.

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