Kroma Telecom Monitors

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Kroma 7000 Series

Kroma 7000 Series The new 7000 series Monitors from KROMA features a whole new range of functions to improve video signal monitoring. The monitors accept composite video, SD/HD/3G-SDI, analogue and digital audio, as well as DVI-I and HDMI inputs. Signal quality may be monitored by on- screen waveforms (independent for Y, Cb and Cr), vectorscope and histogram. Improved VU-meters, dynamic in-monitor displays (IMD) and dual tricolour tally light are also included.

Kroma 4000 Series

The new 4000 series monitors offers advanced features at entry-level price. With DVI-I and HDMI inputs, two PAL inputs (or 1 input/output) and two SD/HD-SDI inputs with loop output. Functions include 1dBFs precision vumeters with different scales, phase indicator, In-Monitor display, on-screen tally, waveform, vectorscope, Picture-in-Picture, Picture-by-Picture and dual-split and user-friendly on-screen menus.

Kroma Large Format Series

The Kroma Large format monitor series includes all video inputs by default, making it a versatile solution for a wide variety of installations and applications


The new TRUEBLACK series from KROMA is based on a new generation of LCD screens with IPS-Pro technology. Developed originally for medical applications, this technology provides a better display of black, improved uniformity of colours and better performance in wide angles.

Kroma Quad Split Series

Kroma Quad Split Series The new KROMA QS Monitor series is based on three models, 17", 24" and 46". With 8 PAL/SD/HD-SDI autosensing inputs and 2xDVI inputs, the monitors can work as video preselectors, with front panel input selection. Additional features such as In-monitor displays (IMD), VU-metres and configurable dynamic tally and LTC are also included.

Kroma 7500 Preview Series

The new 7500 preview monitors have been expanded with new audio and video I/O outputs, including 3G-SDI. New functions have been also implemented to support the signal monitoring and calibration, such as precission vumeters and headphone output, In-Monitor display (IMD), on-screen tally, waveform, vectorscope and histogram. The monitors are available in different versions, depending on the inputs required.

Kroma 6500 Preview Series

Kroma 6500 Preview Series A comprehensive range of HD and SD rackmountable preview monitors