CHD 1812 - HDMI to SDI Converter with Frame Synchronizer

CHD 1812 - HDMI to SDI Converter with Frame Synchronizer
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The CHD 1812 is a versatile and compact HDMI to SDI converter with integrated frame synchronizer. It is an ideal solution for any application which requires a fully synchronized SDI input from an external asynchronous HDMI source.

The flexible reference sync input will accept any analog video sync format including SD bi-level sync, black burst, colorbars and tri-level HD sync. The sync input is auto detecting and fully cross lock compatible. For example:  An SD black burst reference can be used to frequency lock an HD HDMI input.  If no reference is present, the converter performs a standard asynchronous HDMI to SDI conversion.

A stereo pair of analog inputs can be embedded into any AES channel.  Inputs can be either professional balanced audio with selectable full scale level, or unbalanced consumer line level audio.

Any audio present in the HDMI stream will be embedded into the SDI outputs, or can be replaced with the external audio input.

An optional SDI fiber output is also provided (Single Mode Fiber)

CHD-1812 720.00
OH-TX-1 920.00
With Optical Transmitter SFP Module - 10Km - 1310nm